Animation is a vast field due to numerous opportunities offered to the 3D artist. However, when we look at the two essential fields that have become popular during this time, then these are VFX and Gaming. Both of these are a great way to begin your career with, but choosing one out of these is a difficult task. So, let us find out about both of these to help you make the right decision. VFX The industry is ever expanding and growing, all due to the media. It has now become one of the most rewarding careers and offers the following career options: 1. Layout Artist Required at the time of pre-production where the artist is the one laying the foundation of all the visuals that are [...]

Motion Capture Animation and its Different Aspects

Motion capture, mo-cap or performance captures an advance technology that enables blending real life elements and animation together to form superior animation film. It allows the developer into creating an individual character or an object that is live and transfers the same into visualization. How mo-cap works? The specialist working in motion capture begins working with placement of sensors over a moving object or a person as per requirement. It is done to capture real or life like movement allowing it to be mapped digitally over computer screen. For instance, sensors may be placed over an actor for capturing life like bodily movement to animate a human character; it is then captured in the virtual world where all is stored. However, as simple as it may [...]

How to Animate Animals? Here Are 5 Tips for You

Animal animation is something that is a bit different when it comes to animation. It is all due to the idea that firs the idea needs to be conceived within the mind of the animator to begin with. It becomes essential that the animator should work with the close details that one often overlooks, so given here are 5 tips for you to animate animals that will make it easier for you. Animation Movement The movement may look an easy task, but it is an important aspect when one needs to animate an animal. It is essential that the simplest thing to remember is that one should take care of the laws of physics such as gravity. While you are working on animating an animal [...]

Does a 3D Animator Needs Drawing Skills?

The foremost thing that one should consider when they like to pursue 3D animation is to hone the skill of drawing. However, even though it is the most essential skill, hardly does anyone know why is it required and for what reasons? Read on to find out all about it. Reasons shy a 3D animator needs drawing skills: Capture and train It is essential to understand that while animation does require drawing as an essential skill, it is necessary to know too. Capturing the essence of the character or an object is where your drawing skills are utilized. It is more about the pose and the way a character behaves. Spotting details regarding a character in motion is required for depicting the right speed, movement and positioning. [...]

Benefits of Learning Animation Online

All due to the time that one needs to squeeze in working hours and also the onset of the pandemic that the best option is to seek online learning. Same goes for learning animation online, it is all about taking online tutorials. Video courses that are high-quality content from experts in the field, or an institute like Arena Animation offering online tutorials is where you can begin with. Why? Well there are some reasons why to choose learning animation online; few of these benefits are listed here, read on to find out. Budget Friendly Often it is all about how much the course will cost you, and for this purpose it becomes essential to seek an online animation course that would not burn holes in your [...]

How to Begin a Career in Animation?

Dreaming about having a career in animation or having passion for animation is something that is not hard to figure out these days, if you already are familiar with the basics of how to? For those who are a novice they need to be guided regarding beginning a career in animation. Now here’s a catch, you would first need to be well-equipped and then create an opportunity for yourself in the field of animation. Having a creative potential is one thing that you require, for other things, you need to read on to find out. Let us begin with exploring what all you need to know to begin a career in animation. Practising fundamentals Artistic drawing begins on paper with sketching it out. Your ideas, visualization and [...]

Exciting 3D Animation Careers that You Should Consider

Salary and career outlook for 3D animators as professionals require a degree, proper experience, and it is all dependent on the job type. While the animation industry is full of numerous opportunities for 3D animators, it is essential to learn ahead of what is there in the offering or rather the occupation that one wishes to choose. It is a competitive field so, you should be able to have a good overview regarding it, let us begin with understanding a 3D animator and then move on to the careers that one can consider. What Is a 3D Animator? A 3D animator is also referred to as a CGI animator for 3D or at times Visual Storytelling these are exciting careers for people who wish to make [...]

Skill needed to be a Roto Artist

A Roto artist is the one involved in the process of rotoscopy that requires tracing picture footage with all the details frame-by-frame. The complex task of referring the live action of movement to be used in animated movie is called Rotoscopy. Technological advancement has made the process a lot different with digital imprinting rather than everything being done manually and then traced on different platforms. However, even with the introduction of technology, it is essential to acquire a set of skills that makes a good Roto artist, let us understand all about it. What does a Roto Artist do? The job of a Roto artist is to trace the outlines of an object or an individual done for the purpose of live action that is [...]

The Difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: A Quick Overview

A lot of technology has transcended into our real world where people are often using words like AR or Augmented Reality and VR or Virtual Reality. Although, these terms are often used interchangeably, but in truth there is a vast difference between these two terms especially what it means to the user and the technology behind it. Through this article, you will learn about the difference between AR and VR that will help you distinguish between the two. Understanding Virtual Reality Tethered VR headsets Mobile-based headsets Tethered VR headsets Different technology companies like HTC, Windows and many more provide with headsets that are worn by the user that replaces the line of vision of the wearer. The impression that the wearer gets is that they are transported to another world. The [...]

The 7 Best Animated Characters of All Time Who Never Speak

It is said in one of the most popular songs ‘you say it best, when you say nothing at all’, the same goes with some of the most loved and popular animated characters of all time. Characters that are well remembered for their contribution in Disney movies, yet these are the most significant silent characters who express a lot. Let us find out a little more about the 7 best animated characters of all time who never speak. 1. Pluto We all remember the most memorable time of our childhood, Mickey Mouse cartoons, definitely then the most beloved character is the dog Pluto. Mainstream portrayal of the pooch is something that is not less than adorable, it is imprinted in our memories so much that even [...]

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