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Animation & VFx-The new age career option

Animation & VFX are used widely in many areas like TV, films, ads, medicine, training & education, e-learning, legal & insurance, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Another interesting area in this industry is the creation & design of games for PC, Internet, mobile, gaming consoles (Playstation/ Xbox).The gaming industry is estimated to grow at 14.3% per year to touch 45.8 billion rupees by 2019*.
Because of the industry is growing so fast, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals from both, Indian studios as well as for internationally outsourced projects.
Arena Animation helps prepare you for creative careers in Animation, VFX, Web design, Multimedia & Gaming.The animation and VFx Industry in India is experiencing a growth spurt attributing to the tremendous rise in the use of VFx in areas not limited to Media & Entertainment industry but also other across sectors such as Architectural Design, Scientific & Medical Animation to name a few. The domestic market is seeing bigger budgets for VFX in films, television shows and advertisements in order to provide an enhanced visual experience to the audience. VFX is all set to grow in the Indian film industry because writers, producers and directors are increasingly exploring new genres and stories which are impossible to make without extensive involvement of VFX professionals. With the market in need of good animators and VFx artists, Arena students are being picked up from the centres like hot cakes even before finishing their courses.

Key Trends

  • New media such as social networking services, animation and VFX, online gaming and applications, mobile devices create a new dimension to the world of media
  • Digital technology continues to revolutionize media distribution: Increase in demand for Multiplexes, DTH , Interactive television
  • Traditional media such as Television, Newspapers, Films, Radio & Outdoor properties continue to play a significant role in our Lives
  • Increase in International outsourced work in India
  • Increased demand and consumption of digital media content: Growing Internet users in India, Demand to stay connected 24×7
  • Increased use of Animation & VFx in TV advertisements
  • Increased use of Animation in Apps, Smart phone, New age user devices like-Smart Phones, Tablets, 3D TV, LED, PS3, More Apps driven Activities
  • Increased use of Mobile Advertising, Videos, TV

Latest Skills

  • Graphic Designers
  • Print & Publishing
  • 3D Animation Professionals
  • Modeling Artists
  • Texturing, Rigging & Lighting Artists
  • Rendering Artists
  • Match-moving Artists
  • 2D Animation Professionals
  • Gaming Artists (Modeling to Animation)
  • Visual Effects Artists
  • Web Designers & Flash Animators
  • Video Editors
  • Roto Artists
  • Audio & Video edito


  • Production Houses & Studios
  • Broadcasting Company
  • Graphic Design Company
  • Television
  • Gaming Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Social Media Agency
  • Mobile Application Firms
  • Web Design Companies
  • E-Learning & I.T. Companies
  • Creative Teams within FMCG Companies
  • Print & Publishing Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Architectural Company. and many more….
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