What is The Future of 2D Animation

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What is The Future of 2D Animation

Before we begin to decipher the future of the 2D animation industry, we must first understand what animation is. The animation is basically movements of images that occur in movies, videos etc. It is a perfect fusion of creative talent and technology in which images are imbued with movement. As we delve into the history of animation, we will be surprised to find that a concept that is still unique in our mind has a deep historical existence.

The art of creating an illusion of movement goes back a long time. The Phenakistoscope was the first real animation device. Joseph Plateau discovered this device in 1832. It was the very first device to create a fluid illusion of animation.

The history of India’s animated film dates back to 1934 with the release of India’s first-ever animated film, Jambu Kaka, followed by another animated film with a soundtrack called On a Moonlit Night, released in 1934.

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What 2D Animation Will Always Be Important?

What should be prominent in everyone’s mind is that 2D animation is the heart and soul of all other types of animation. 2D formed the direction of the animation industry. Without it, modern computer-generated animation wouldn’t have been possible. 2D is the first and the earliest animation technique discovered by the animation industry.

Know that 2D movies are one of the favorites of many people these days because it is less complicated. It has a fantastic on-screen presence and easily catches the attention of people of all ages.

False Conception About 2D Animation in Everyone’s Mind

The future of 2D animation is not bleak. Instead, it continues to evolve every day. There are several reasons why writing on the subject of “The future of 2D industry” is necessary. First we look at the state of delusions created by the pioneers in the animation industry, such as Disney and Dreamworks. As much as they switched to 3D movies, many people are skeptical about the future of 2D animation.

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The main reason is that 3D animation takes less time than 2D animation. In addition, it is faster and easier to make.

In addition, 2D animation requires that you know the intricacies of drawing characters by hand and making small changes to each drawing for the simple animation process. Unfortunately, this takes more time than the computer-generated 3D images.

People think that 2D animation is for children. Well, this is what some people have thought about the 2D animation. The only truth is that 2D stories, movies, cartoons, ads, and movies have huge audiences across all demographics and industries, including television and theaters.

Future of 2D Animation

Whether 2D or 3D, imagination is the power that stimulates creativity.

Animation is an art similar to the art of traditional storytelling. People of all ages and professions become fascinated and involved. Looking back on your childhood, you would remember the cartoons of the cute bunny and its carrot, cat and mouse, the friendly ghost, the cute mermaid and much more. All of these cartoons and characters are the reference points of the animation industry. The animation made our childhood experience unforgettable.

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The experience is similar to companies that use animated characters in animated ads and movies so that people are drawn to animated videos featuring cute characters like ZooZoo in the Vodafone commercial. Viewers tend to connect with such characters, and the ads usually have a lasting impact on them. The animation industry continues to play a prominent role in the growth of the entertainment industry and the commercial sector.

Final Words

The future of 2D animation is expected to become more creative and technical. In addition, content producers and brands are now creating animated videos with the latest technologies such as virtual reality and 360-degree video technology. All these technological innovations are advanced and enable content creation that captivates viewers and gets them immersed in the story.

With various industry successes, only a bigger and brighter future for the 2D animation industry can be envisioned. It’s a viable career development niche – there are several 2D animation tasks and you can’t find a 2D animation company far from you. The industry has enormous potential for customers and generating revenue.

Learning 2D Animation is also a fun thing. You can create anything you want and make it to life. If you are interested in learning from experts then you can get in touch with us . You can also enroll in our animation course in Siliguri and make you dreams come true.

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